Bone skulled wristbands

Bone skulled_Wristbands

History of Boneskulled wristbands:

* Bone mantra malas or rosaries are used in lots of Tibetan practices to focus ones' mind during the recite of mantas. Tibetans also put up with their malas as necklaces and bracelets in order to get the blessing of the mantras into the body's liveliness circuit.

* Tibetan monks started carving these different types of wristband centuries ago to be reminiscent us that the life is worldly, and we must make the most of every day, and practice the right way of living for eternity.

* This kind of hand crafting is much time consuming.

Benefits of Boneskulled wristbands:

* Light in weight and soft in feel. These designer wristbands have been enriched with the skull and studs to reflect the bold personality of the wearers.

* Many of the organization are offering boneskulled wristband to the adult for increasing there mental strength and personality.

* The main advantage of wearing this boneskulled wristband to show our boldness to others.