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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Difference between Silicone and Rubber Wrist bands

Silicon and rubber are most popular categories of bracelets are wristbands. Just we are going to discuss about the different between of these two categories. The truth remains that if you are looking for one, you are looking for the other. Silicone and rubber are both some of the most flexible and durable material in the discover world. If you think of all the possible that are available for someone silicon bracelet or rubber wristband compared to someone who is wear, oh let’s say, a leather bracelet? What happens if you get the leather bracelet wet? It’s ruined! What happens if you get a silicone bracelet wet? It dries off or doesn’t even get wet to begin with!

There are number of advantages may get to wear these bands according to believe. Then the people can given them as gifts that anyone who has tried one is usually hooked quickly. I find that people who are in love with wearing bands of any sort around their wrists fall in love pretty quickly with all the features of silicone and rubber bracelets.

Can you classifieds other types of wristbands? Not likely, and if you do get lucky enough to be able to, it will cost you a lot more than it will to customize a rubber band bracelet, that’s for sure. The bottom-line remains that if you do want to get the best bang for your bracelet buck, you should go with silicone because of it’s durability, ability to be customize for pretty much nothing and it’s myriad of other features that would blow your mind.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Party wristbands and its uses

Party wristbands Party Wristbands are the bands which are used in the occasion of parties. These party wristbands give a very trendy look and these are also used for fashion purpose. These bands can very well be given in the parties for conveying your gratitude to the people arrived sat the party. These bracelets can be used in different kinds of parties like Birthday Parties, Dance parties, VIP Band Parties, alcohol Parties and so on…

Party Bracelets are mostly used in birthday Parties and through these bracelets you can make you toddlers birthday as a memorable one. Day by Day birthday Parties of kids are getting very creative, elaborate and original and most of the parents have a thought of making their kids party as grand and memorable one. And this can simply be done by ‘Party Wristbands’.

It’s going be extremely joyous occasion if it’s the First Birthday Party. And bear in mind that big theme is not that necessary as your baby doesn’t expect anything, so you can just have a simple theme and a simple party with cool and trendy Party Bracelets!

You can also use Party Bracelets on occasion of Bat Mitzvah in order to add a personal touch to your event. Usage of customized rubber wrist bands may be a wonderful way to liven up your Bat Mitzvah without taking away from the meaningful and spiritual experience it is meant to be! And this makes your task easier in picking out invitations, decorations, and party favors. And Bat Mitzvah is extremely keepsake gift idea.

Part Bands can also be used as VIP Band Party Bracelets which serve as highly visible, non-transferable wrist tickets which are worn by your guests. This can be used for either for general admission or special access like VIP areas, pre-paid drinks etc. These bracelets allow your staff to look whether your guests are in authorized areas or accessing authorized services.

In case you’re serving alcohol at your event then VIP Band Party wristbands will be helpful in providing age identification. Apply bracelets for those who are eligible for drinking and this will be quite easy and simple for the servers in serving the drinks. They can easily serve to people all drinks who are wearing VIP Band Party Wristbands. This results to time-saving and quick service!

Check out for wide ranges of rubber bracelets which are made from 100% of Silicon carved using our state of art mould technology and we offer you wrist bracelets at low rates and high quality! Party bracelets are widely available in range of bright and light colors and sizes and you can also customize your own bracelets as per your wish and make your party a grand one!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Types of wristbands

There are a range of wristbands like Tyvek, Vinyl, Party, tab, silicone, Tex-tag, ixtreme and snap wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are cheap and simple. These bands are useful for entry control and visitor management. Since it is made up of spun polyethylene, it looks and feels like paper. These bands are durable and ideal for events which last less than a day. There are different types of tyvek wristbands available online like printed, patterned, bar-coded etc. Some of the important features of printed bands are it is lightweight, non-transferable, individually numbered, detachable tab and easy to wear. Patterned tyvek wristbands are the same as ordinary tyvek wristbands. Patterned bands are popular for children’s activities, events and parties. These are comfortable, easy to wear, non-transferable and individually numbered.

Barcoded wristbands
offer one of the highest levels of security to either tyvek or vinyl wristbands. By printing a unique barcode and number to each band one can easily prevent the band being reused since scanning will immediately identify whether the band has already been presented. Other benefits of bands include it can gather data on visitor movements or used as a pre-paid voucher for rides or similar activities. Barcodes are printed on solid colors or it can be combined with text and logo.

Vinyl wristbands have a long life and comfortable to wear. These bands are available in wide face or "L" shape format. It has a better security level than tyvek wristbands because it is attached to a secure clip which one fastened cannot be opened. If a person wants to remove the band it has to cut it off! Features of these bands are it is durable, long lasting and has an adjustable strap. Other types of vinyl wristbands are printed, Numbered, VIP bands, Barcoded etc.

There is another type of band i.e. ixtreme wristbands. Ixtreme bands are ideal for access passes or even gig guides. These bands require high level of security and nobody can copy it. Some of the features of this band are it is 3D animation, reverse side printing, custom made shaped bands, detachable stub and images can swirl or zoom out of the wristband. Silicone wristbands are fashionable and cool. It is used for fundraising purpose, for promotion, in schools etc. You can design your own wristband because they are available in various colors. Different types of silicone bands are they are debossed, embossed, printed, glow-in-the dark and glitter.

iData wristband provide unique information such as bar –codes, sequential numbers and have the name of the wearer, all of which will help prevent payment evasion. Adding a unique barcode and number means that the wristband cannot be reused as scanning will immediately show that the wristband has already been presented. These bands can be used as a pre-paid voucher for rides or other event activities.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plastic Wristbands

wristbands_plasticUsed for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our quality plastic wristband is a comfortable and durable option for extended wear. The non-reusable locking closure discourages transfer and increases security.

Plastic snap wristbands are your most secure option for 1-5 day events. They are made of a durable bi-laminate, non-stretch, non-tear material which is strong, yet lightweight and comfortable. They are also water resistant and more durable than Tyvek adhesive wristbands. The permanent snap closure can be pre-adjusted to fit nearly any size of wrist. This snap closure makes the wristband very difficult to tamper with or transfer, and therefore cannot be removed without being cut or physically breaking the snap, making it impossible to re-snap.

Plastic bands can be categorized as standard, expression and custom wristbands. Standard plastic wristbands are regular plastic bands available in plain colors. Expression bands are customized bands. Customized wristbands are available at affordable costs as a choice is available from pre-designed wristbands. These bands are available with various expressions such as VIP and above 21.They are also available with various themes such as Jazz, palm trees, X-games and a checkerboard.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thermal Wristbands

Thermal Wristbands, come in sizes: 10" x 1" They are single use bands, they are also waterproof and come in fan folded stacks of 1,000. They come in a variety of Neon or Solid colors.

Thermal wristbands function properly in Practical Automation and Boca wristband thermal printers

Thermal wristbands printers

Our adhesive is designed for maximum strength and non-transferability. Our die cut pattern ensures shredding of band if tampered with. Your printer will automatically number these to provide you with the ability to monitor admission crowd and audit control.

The Thermal wristbands function makes it easy to customize your own wristbands any time you need to change prices, events, event dates.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Color-Full Wristbands

color-core_wristbandsThe color-full wristbands are most leading and promoting events and fundraiser in our places. The color-full wristbands are the spectrum of color-coded wristbands and standardizing associated with each color. These can be produce in different colors and serve a lot of purposes.

Color-full wristbands looks wonderful design, light weight and easy to wear. It feels like wearing anything on our wrist. The color-full wristband stands out from the rest of the crowd, being in different way. We can choose wide ranges and most basic in the elaborate colors. The colors of safety has taken steps to include families, patients, and community in solving the problems.

People use these color-full wristbands to get their message. I am sure that they have surpassed the customized wristbands type of promotion, as compared to the colorful customizable silicone bracelets. These bracelets are made of 100 percent of silicone. Wristbands with printed, embossed text, rather than relying colors communicate.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glitter Wristbands

glitter wristbandsThe Glitter wristbands are shiny and something special to wear. These bands are colorful and stylish for party wear events. Our glitters are made up of holographic material and good leading in compelling brands. Wristbands are waterproof and have an effective designed to prevent transfer. Glitter wristband has an eye catching, glossy finish and is ideal for any special event or occasion.

• Glow in dark and multi colored swirl effect.
• Glitters are stretch- resistant, durable and comfortable.
• Glitter effects for sparkling occasion.
• Glitters are secured and tamper-evident stud fastener.
• Glitters are instant recognition for special entry events.
• Glitters help safeguard your receipts.
• Glitters are tri laminate, shimmer and sparkle in the light.

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