Ovarian Cancer Wristbands

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a cancerous escalation arising from the ovary. Indications are normally very subtle early on and may include: bloating, pelvic pain, difficulty eating and frequent urination, and are easily confused with other illnesses.

Sign and Symptoms

* The symptoms of Ovarian Cancer includes:

  • Bloating

  • Pelvic or Abdominal pain

  • Urinary symptoms

  • Difficulty in consuming food

* If the pre defined symptoms appear more for more than 12 times in a month, it has to be diagnose

  • Other identifications are:

  • Enlargement of the Abdomen

  • Back pain

  • Constipation

  • Bleeding of vagina

  • Increased rate of Weight loss

  • Added fluid in Abdominal cavity

* Occurrence of  Ovarian cancer depends on age, history of ovarian cancer  in family, Abdominal distension, Rectal bleeding, post-menopausal bleeding and loss of appetite.

Ovarian Cancer Facts

  • * The ovarian growth for women is a fluid filled cyst which are not in a harmful condition.

  • * Ovarian cancer are categorized into many types

  • * Causes of the ovarian cancer are many but unable to point out exactly

  • * Risk of increased chances of developing the cancer includes the history of cancer in the family, beyond the age of 55 and never been pregnant.

    • The main symptoms include:

      • Abdominal swelling

      • Pressure or pain in abdomen

      • Frequency and urged urination

      • Leg and Back pain

      • Unusual vaginal bleedingDetection and Diagnose of ovarian cancer includes

      Detection and Diagnose of ovarian cancer includes:

      1. Examining physically

      2. Ultrasound detection

      3. X-ray reports

      4. CA 125 blood test

      5. Biopsy

      * The treatment, current state and the survival rate of a ovarian cancer affected woman depends on Age, Stage of the disease spread and the Health condition.

      Ovarian Cancer Wristbands

      This is a very popular teal silicone ovarian cancer awareness bracelet/wristbands. It has the words Hope, Faith, Courage, and Strength. Awareness ribbons sit between each word. The Ovarian cancer wristbands are used to fundraiser for the charity.

      Ovarian Wristbands Features

      • Color: Teal

      • Words: Strength, Hope, Faith

      • Size: All Sizes