WristBands Styles and Colors

Apart from the types, Wristbands were also available in many different Styles and Colors. Users may have their own opinion or options when they purchase their own wristbands in shop or through online bookings. Some of the most important options which are normally available when they purchasing Wristbands are listed below, you may find various Styles and Colors on different types of Wristbands.

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Band Color Styles

Color plays a major role on your Wristband. You may choose your wristband from n number of colors. You also have an option to select a solid plain color or you may choose your two different colors on your front and core part of your wristband.

Following are some of the types of color options available in Wristbands.

Solid Wristband
Striped Wristband
Segmented Wristband
Tie Dye Swirl Wristband

Band Text Font

A Font creates an impression on the style and makes the other to feel of your message which is written on your Wristbands. You may choose your font from various choices available in the Wristband Configurator to may your wristband unique from others.

Following are some of the common fonts which are available when you configure your wristbands.

Font Images

Band Text Appearence

You may write any text (max 25 characters) of your own on your Wristbands.  You may also have the option to write different phrases on the front and back side of your same wristband. 

Following are some of the wristband text styles.


Debossed Wristband

Embossed Wristband

Deboss Color-Filled

Deboss Color Filled Wristband
Screen Printed

Screen Printed Wristband

Band Art Works

Apart from all the other Text, Color and Font styles you may also draw Symbols, Logos, Images or mascot on your Wristbands. You may also add art images on both the sides of the text and in the wristbands too.

Below are some of the most popular Art images, which was added by most number of users on their wristbands.

Best Art Images