Wristbands Colors meanings

Silicone Wristbands Colors

Fundraising Cause

  Black Bracelets

Gang Prevention. Melanoma. Mourning

  Gray Bracelets

Diabetes, Allergies. Asthma Awareness

  Silver Bracelets

Children with Diabetes Awareness

  White Bracelets

Adoption awareness. Peace. Right to Life. Hope awareness

  Dark Blue Bracelets

Child Abuse awareness. Arthritis. Alopecia. Colon Cancer. Save the music. Water Quality. Free Speech.

  Light Blue Bracelets

Prostate Cancer. Pro Choice Awareness. Men's Health.

  Dark Green Bracelets

Bipolar disorder. Bone Marrow Donation. Leukemia. Mental Health awareness. Tissue Donation.

  Green Wristbands

Childhood Depression. Depression. Environment. Kidney Cancer. Stem Cell Research

  Green Bracelets

Eye Injury Prevention. Glaucoma. Chronic Pelvis Pain. Missing Children. Workers Safety.

  Lyme Green Bracelets

Lime Disease. Lymphoma. Muscular Dystrophy. Organ Donation. Safe Driving.

  Violet Bracelets

Hodgkin's Disease. Domestic Violence

  Purple Bracelets

Attention Defficit Disorder.

  Burgundy Bracelets

Cystic Fibrosis. Lupus Awareness.

  Light Purple Bracelets

Animal Abuse awareness. Homelessness. Animal cruelty awareness

  Hot Pink Bracelet

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness

  Pink Bracelet

Cancer. Breast Cancer. Birth Parents.

  Red Bracelets

AIDS, Heart Disease

  Yellow Wristbands

Testicular cancer awereness

  Yellow Bracelets

Lance Armatrong wristabnd

  Yellow Wristbands

Yellow wrist band for isolation patients

  Yellow Bracelets

Cancer Support. Support our troops. Military support

  Teal Bracelets

Ovarian Cancer

  Orchid Bracelets

Testicular Cancer

  Brown Bracelets

Colon Cancer. Against Tobacco.

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